Which taxi program to choose for a safe trip?

Ten years ago, taxi orders for long or short trips were not so popular, and online booking was out of the question. Moreover, car-sharing with strangers was more or less alien to the concept, unlike today, when car-sharing has become a daily activity for working professional taxi drivers and passengers. Convenient transportation has become an integral part of our life.

However, convenience comes at a price. Every time someone gets on a trip with an unfamiliar driver, or an unfamiliar passenger sits on the driver's side, a feeling of anxiety penetrates deep inside each of them, which precedes their possible criminal past. There are frequent cases of sexual violence by taxi drivers, as well as attempts to attack drivers, confirming that these fears are not unfounded. Even today, security remains a major concern.

While the global anti-violence movement is a priority, citizens still have serious doubts about the safety rules of platforms for calling passengers. Uber and Uklon are among the popular platforms for calling passengers, and constantly face their share of accusations of compromising the safety of their passengers.

Driven by a growing number of voices on security, many are asking what kind of taxi-ordering equipment is needed to strengthen driver screening processes and to provide emergency assistance to their customers. Some time ago, programs began to track drivers for criminal offenses, and launched systems to further improve the safety of their customers on the IT platform.

Lately, regular city taxi passengers are leaning towards sharing rides instead of booking a separate taxi for obvious economic reasons, but the sense of security that comes with traveling distances with other people is another factor that cannot be ignored. A special program makes it clear why customer safety has become their priority:

1. For most office visitors, taxiing is a daily routine, but there has been a dramatic change in the preference of passengers using collective mobility services rather than shuttle buses lately. The study confirmed the trend towards an increased sense of security that has emerged when traveling in large numbers of passengers during the pandemic.

2. A number of routes "from office to home" have begun to explore this area and are gaining ample opportunities and options. Many of these platforms use the latest technology to keep customers secure. Shuttl is one of the most popular next generation intelligent transport services, delivering security through technology, process and policy.

For any company that calls passengers, ignoring the safety of passengers can be detrimental, as the consequences of crossing the safety red line cannot be corrected. It takes a company years to gain the trust of its customers, but one unpleasant incident is enough to ruin its market image and growth.

Travel sharing is one way to save money, make friends, and feel safe. However, people still feel more confident traveling alone and finding someone who just got off work is far from reality. Thus, the question arises, which taxi program to choose in order to save passengers from many problems, providing a car service with guaranteed safety.

For example, users have access to the SOS emergency button and emergency tracking options as a security measure, improved automatic location tracking with animated auto-driving, one-click booking and cancellation functions, and 24/7 customer support in the app, that's what the taxi app needs.

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